"Bunyodkor" - "Lokomotiv": interesting facts

Date: 20.08.2015

In the 19th round of the Oliy-Liga will meet two of the leading clubs of the capital, "Bunyodkor" and "Lokomotiv".

On the eve of a meeting at the stadium "Bunyodkor", we offer you some interesting facts from the history of confrontation between these rivals.

- As part of "Lokomotiv" is now playing six former players of "Bunyodkor": Ignatiy Nesterov, Timur Kapadze, Lutfulla Turaev, Jasur Orzikulovich Ҳasanov, Oleg Zoteev and Temurhuzha Abdukholik. The squad, "Swallows" have four former "Lokomotiv": Pavel Bugalo, Anvar Gofur, Victor Karpenko and Javlon Ibrohimov.

- Ravshan Irmatov refereed 5 of the 15 meetings between "Bunyodkor" and "Lokomotiv" in the Oliy-Liga.

- The largest score in a duel 4:0. In 2010, "Bunyodkor" on the TIIZHT scored against the hosts four unanswered goals.

- In a match between tivals only two players made a double. In 2008, the stadium "Jar" Server Jeparov scored two goals and helped "swallows" to win with the score 3: 2. In 2013 Artur Fomenko in the "Lokomotiv" has managed to score double against "Bunyodkor".

- Jasur Orzikulovich Khasanov in total took part in the 12 meetings between these rivals. 9 games he spent in the "Bunyodkor" and 3 matches in “Lokomotiv".

- The quickest goal was scored on a 3-minute match. It is noteworthy that it was twice, and both in the 2012 season. In “Jar” stadium Dilshod Rakhmatullaev scored the fastest goal, and then, in second round, Viktor Karpenko scored in a field of “Lokomotiv” arena.

- "Bunyodkor" only in one session (2015) out of 15 could not score against opponent. "Lokomotiv" in four games could not find his way to the gate of "swallows".

- "Bunyodkor" in his field until now had never lost "Lokomotiv".

- "Bunyodkor" is in the game against the "Lokomotiv" in the first round put his youngest squad of the season. That evening, the average age of players under Sergei Luschan was equal to 24.1 years.

- The two teams will play each other for the first time at the stadium "Bunyodkor". Until now, their confrontation took part in MHSK, TIIZHT, "Jar" and "Lokomotiv" stadiums.

- The youngest participant in the meeting, "Bunyodkor" - "Lokomotiv" is Miraziz Jalolov. He was 15 years 318 days when he came on against the "Lokomotiv" in the 2007 season.

- In the match of the teams was put 6 penalty kicks. And the three gates in each team. They performed on "Bunyodkor" Server Jeparov (2008), Rivaldo (2009) and Alexander Pischur (2014) and in the "Lokomotiv" Farhod Tojiev (2014, 2) and Temurkhuja Abdukholik (2015).