Responsible for the team will be Bakhtiyor Boboev

Date: 23.09.2015

Regarding with resignation of Sergey Luschana as head coach, “Bunyodkor” considered the question of who will be responsible for the team.

The management of FC “Bunyodkor” considered assigning responsibility for performance of the team in national championship and the final match of Uzbekistan Cup to the General Director of the Club Bakhtiyor Boboev.

Bakhtiyor Boboev well known to football community as a player for various clubs and as well as the coach of the teams “Kosonsoychi” and “Navbahor” (Namangan), which became the champion of Uzbekistan in 1996.

He made a great contribution to the development of football academy Mubarak’s “Mashal”.

Since 2007, he continued his activity in FC “Bunyodkor”. He worked as Sports Director and then he was assigned as General Director of the club.

We wish to Bakhtiyor Boboev and to the team, good luck and success in the final stages of the season-2015.