The defeat of the principal rival

Date: 27.08.2015

Deferred match of 12 round of the women's top league, "Lokomotiv" - ​​"Bunyodkor" finished with a rare score - 0:10.

 Case of victory with a big score; Recently, for example, in the men's "rig" the same "Loco" dealt with "Sogdiana" - 7:0. There are similar results, but with a double-digit score - it's really rare!

 By mutual agreement the match was moved to the stadium "Bunyodkor".

 During the tour of "Bunyodkor" in the two national teams - U-19 football and futsal national - were caused by a total of 8 players - 3 and 5, respectively. Almost all of them are included in the basic "clip-18", so the match was moved (and match the other teams, delegate to the national teams of 5 or more of their players - "Sevinch" - "Mashal" from the same tour). In the camp of "Lokomotiv" remember the defeat in the 1st round with a score of 0: 6 and now want to prove that the defeat of the accident. They last for about half-time...

 With a fresh strenght ...

Until about the middle of the 1st half, "Loco" hold pretty well: the selection of the ball three or four "Lokomotive’s" going forward, the loss of almost the entire team retreated. However, we do not always have time: the players, "Bunyodkor" over the half-half times the output of one-on-one or two-on-one with the goalkeeper. A pair of such attacks gave result. Many times the average distance beat young Vakhidova on goal, but each time she lacked accuracy. And if the keeper took the ball next to him; Hit closer to the bar - the goal was not mine. But that is what it is.


Having missed the second goal, "Lokowas sure in a successful outcome. This impression is created by everyone who was at the stadium. Of course, the opinion of the arbitrators, and the inspector did not ask (!), But neutral experts and representatives of the teams advance no doubt of victory, "Bunyodkor". People from "Lokomotiv" and even nurtured some hope, but at 0: 2, it is dissipated into smoke.

A couple of attacks "Lokomotive’s" yet adjusted to the frame Akhmedova, but in one case the goalkeeper rescued his defense, and the other in the crowd at the gate of protection proved nimble and carried the ball to a safe area. And all the more, "Lokomotiv" could not do anything.

How I scored "Bunyodkor"

It makes no sense to hide. Opponents everything about each other know the strengths and weaknesses. Another thing is how they are able to neutralize the strengths and take advantage of the weak. This level of teams.

Multiple treatments on the flanks of the extreme backs "Bunyodkor" defense of "Loco" made it clear that here and expect trouble. The first two goals scored after the flank attack is very sweeping, using the whole width of the field. Chunakova Elamasova and worked at the sideline and get the ball to speed time to cut corners and get closer to the box. Once given, why not enter itself in the box ?! They were, shooting, weighed, threw off the blows ...

So it was scored and the third and fourth goals. In the third case it was probably an auto-goal: Elamasova not beat the ball and swiped along the bottom. I locked the chamber defender "LokomotivRakhmonova, trying to knock the ball to the corner. But the goal referees counted Elamasova - for its active attack on the gate, apparently.

(By the way, Feruza Rakhmonova in the first round played for "Bunyodkor", but by mutual consent was released in the "Locomotive". There, she is a major player in "Bunyodkor" only occasionally emerged to replace it. However, every person has the right to decide where it is better to either be a reservist in a strong team and try by all means go to the foundation, or to become a major player in the team weaker.)

"Better a horrible end than terror without end!"

 This is the second time. Goals rained in the frame of "Loco". It's a shame, "Lokomotiv"? And I tell you.

 -Make conclusions and work on yourself! And above all, on moral and strong-willed party!

Because no desire to play, not to fight, players no longer exists. "Bunyodkor" had all seven replacements from the reserve: released, even young and inexperienced. Rashidov allowed to compete on special-tolerance, he is the youngest in the major leagues - she's only 13 years old. For it is almost an exception, but not for years the strong physically girl. In addition, skilled and perspective. Just to continue to work on yourself as hard.


It is not necessary to paint all the goals and dangerous moments, realized and unrealized, "Bunyodkor" 2-time. The overwhelming advantage remained even after the replacement of the main players. From the basics out of the 2-in-half Galimov. But they did not spoil the picture, and the whole team is naturally "roller rode" on the opponent.

Then reservists "Bunyodkor" should not be sorry for yourself; I speak as a person close to them: "Work on yourself even harder, and everything will come! And get a solid place at the base !! Do not stop, then the coach of the country will not pass by you !!! .."

"Lokomotiv" see out the match in accordance with the heading of this paragraph, the players dream of the final whistle. Also went to small and nasty rain, but in the field of quality (in all fields such Academy), he did not create serious interference players. Only the grass became slippery, which is natural to the natural grass.

"Lokomotiv" - "Bunyodkor" - 0:10 (0: 4)

"Lokomotiv": 84. Inara Usarova 17. Durdona Bahtiyorova 21. Khurshid Jumanova, 41. FeruzaRakhmonova (50 Saodat Kuldasheva-53), 4. Yulduz Hamdamova 18. Sabrina Sobirdjanova (2 Naya Nazarova-59) 7. Zarina Babayeva 27. Nilufar Abdullayeva, 24. Zuhra Berdyeva (36 Nasiba Juraeva-45), 22. Soliha Husnuddinova (K), 10. Aziza Norbaeva.

Substitutes: 12. Umida Turaeva, 55. Gulruhbegim Khodjaeva.

"Bunyodkor": 1. Julia Akhmedova (25 DIYORA Gulomova-77), 2. Svetlana Valieva (4 Shakhnoza Mahmudova-61), 3. Kristina Chunakova (17. Maftuna Juraeva-65) 7. LiannaNarbekova 8. Mardona Elamasova (21 Todzhiniso Rashidova-55), 9. Madina Vohidova (46. Saida Galimova-46), 11. Katerina Salnikova (22 Ezoza Sharipova, 63), 13. Lydia Tsema (C), 15.Umida Zoirova, 18. Madina Yusupova, 20 Shohsanam Abdulbokieva (5 Anzilya Ermakova-46).

Goals: L. Narbekova (12, 52, 67), K. Chunakova (25, 42, 50, 55), M. Elamasova (33), T. Rashidova (64, 70).

Warning: S. Husnuddinova (88) - US Zoirova (88).

Referees: Jaloliddin KhusnitdinovBahodir BakhromovKhairiniso Erkinov, Anna Sidorova (all Tashkent).

Inspector - Vladimir Beglaryan (Tashkent).

Representative WFAU - Elmira Gulamova (Tashkent).

August 25th, 2015 Tashkent, the football school field, "Bunyodkor".

The scorers been a slight change. Created yesterday, "poker" and "hat-trick", respectively Chunakova and Narbekova up together on the 3rd line.

1. Lyudmila Karachik - "Metallurg" - 34

2. Zebo Juraeva - "Sevinch" - 23

3. Lianna Narbekova Christina Chunakova - both "Bunyodkor" - 14

4. Nargiza Abdurasulova - "Metallurg" - 13

The nearest two matches, our team will hold within the framework of 1/8 final of the Cup of Uzbekistan. August 28 at home take "Almalyk" and on August 31 the return game on the field of competitors.