Home defeat of the "Lokomotiv"

Date: 22.08.2015

In the 19th round of the Oliy-Liga met two leading clubs of the capital, "Bunyodkor" and "Lokomotiv".

"Swallows" in the previous round, lost points in the away match against "Shurtan" and now it was necessary to beat a competitor in an internal duel for the prize.

The game was tough, the team more to destroy the opponent's attacks than themselves created dangerous moments.

However, to fulfill its mission have failed. The home team is considering offers experienced staff decided to play with emphasis on the counterattack. However, to protect their goal failed. At the 15th minute Sanjar Shoahmedov completed the combination of "Lokomotiv" the exact impact - 0:1.

The most real chance to restore the balance had a Japanese footballer of "Bunyodkor" Minori Sato. If he had played an efficient and quick to put the ball home from the vantage point, the score could be a draw. He could, but he did not ...

At the end of main time Khayrulla Karimov shot down in our penalty area and the referee Marat Bikmaeva without hesitation put penalty kick. To point approached the victim. After his strong kick into the bottom corner Murodjon Zuhurov jump hit the ball and not allowed to increase the score.

Unfortunately, the game for "six points," turned out to be more successful for "Lokomotiv".

Oliy-Liga, 19th round
"Bunyodkor" - "Lokomotiv" 0:1 (0:1)
Goal: Sanjar Shoahmedov 15
Yellow card: Salim Mustafoyev 41
Missed penalty: Marat Bikmaev 90+1 (goalkeeper)
"Bunyodkor": 25.Murodjon Zukhurov, 2.Akmal Shorakhmedov, 4.Khayrulla Karimov 5.Dilshod Juraev, 7.Shaker Zouaghi (14.Vohid Shodiev 82) 9.Minori Sato 13.Ivan Milosevic 17.Dostonbek Khamdamov , 19.Zabikhillo Urinboev (77.Viktor Karpenko 59) 39.Eldor Shomurodov, 48.Akramjon Kamilov
Substitutes: 45.Akbar Turaev, 20.Samir Bekrich, 22.Rustamjon Ashurmatov, 27.Sardor Sobirkhujaev, 31.Nodir Mavlonov
"Lokomotiv": 1.Ignaty Nesterov, 9.Dilshod Rakhmatullaev (8.Sardor Mirzayev 86) 16.Jasur G. Khasanov, 17.Salim Mustafoyev, 18.Timur Kapadze, 20.Islom Tukhtakhujaev, 22.Sanjar Shoakhmedov (13. Lutfulla Turaev 70) 28.Ikrom Aliboev, 31.Nemanya Yanichich, 55.Muydinjon Mamazulunov (10.Marat Bikmaev 66), 77.Jasur O. Khasanov
Substitutes: 12.Mamur Ikromov, 3.Shavkatjon Mullajonov, 24.Ibrohimjon Rakhimov 33.Oleg Zoteev
Referees: Z.Kodirov (Navoi) -8.2; R.Samandarov (Navoi) -8.4; O.Jumaev (Navoi) -8.4; D.Zhalimov (Nukus) -9.0
Inspector: Sh Jumaev (Karshi)
Representative UzPFL: F. Magametov (Tashkent)
22 August 2015. Tashkent. The stadium "Bunyodkor". 2765 spectators