• Nomon Khasanov: «Quick goal broke us»

  • Date: 12.08.2015
  •  Coach of «lions» has attended the second part of «Pakhtakor» - «Bunyodkor» aftermatch press-conference.

    In this game, players of both teams have shown good game, a lot of sweat shed. Unfortunately, we lost. Cup winner is determined by the outcome result of two matches. So, I think everything is still ahead. So far, we didn't lose anything. Quick goal broke us. Goals scored, then conceded again. Such cases difficult to recover in football. We did not lose by the level of game. We created situations, but did not score a lot of goals. We made mistakes. Even the captain Kakhi Makharadze made mistake. We have won previous games with our skill. But the lack of enthusiasm today made us lose. In that short time, "Pakhtakor" are not allowed to change the style of play. Must be at least three months of this assembly, - says Nomon Khasanov.

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