• Bakhtiyor Boboev: “Scouting never stops”

  • Date: 03.12.2013
  • On awarding ceremony was read congratulatory letter from NHC “Uzbekneftegaz”, which says that in new season goal for Bunyodkor will be, not only to defend domestic titles, also win AFC Champions League.

    The goal is not very easy. To achieve that result our team will have to work in all areas of club activities. Fans asked questions like, which squad will able to reach that result, who will stay in team, will somebody arrive…. The best person to answer those questions will be first vice-president general director of the club Bakhtiyor Boboev

    -First let congratulate you with successful finish of last season
    - Thank you! Really, last season for our club was “gold”. Great credit goes to entire team: Football players, coaches, team and club staff, our fans and sponsors.

    -Everyone knows that climb up is easier than to hold your position next year. And Bunyodkor wants even more not just to defend all their domestic title and also to achieve ACL title, which will let them play on club world cup. What Bunyodkor going to do to reach that result.
    -Thanks to attention and support of republic government and our sponsors Bunyodkor currently has the infrastructure that meets modern requirements. I`m talking about stadium, youth football school and qualified staff, everyone will work to help Bunyodkor to achieve our aims for this season.

    -The “Gold” now is history. Will squad change for the next season?
    -Since last season our team played very good some of our players got very good offers from other clubs. Some player’s contracts have expired this year and they can move to another club as free agents. We always think about players and we will be happy if they will their career successfully. We are thankful to all players that help us to achieve our goals. But in football you cannot play many seasons with same squad.

    -We got information that Lutfulla Turaev, Jasur Khasanov and some players moved from “Bunyodkor” to “Lokomotiv”. How truthful that information?
    -With players that you have named contracts will expire 31 December of this year, so officially they are still in our club. But transfer is possible. It`s normal think.

    -What about Aleksandr Pyshur`s contract?
    -On awarding ceremony day we agreed with Aleksandr and he will continue score for our team

    -To achieve goals that you have stated means you will have to improve your squad for next season.
    -Of course. First of all I want mention that our young players is about to join our main squad. We are waiting for improvement from Dilshod Juraev, Sardor Rashidov, Alibobo Rakhmatullaev and some other young players. Scouting in our club never stops during whole season. Our scouts are always looking after some players in which we are interested. We are working in close contact with many football agents from other countries. During break between seasons our coaches will ask to join some players for training camp to judge how good they are and then maybe to sign them. We will make squad which will be able to achieve our very high goals for new season.

    Discussed Mirzakhakim Tukhtamirzaev.

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