• Winning start for youth team

  • Date: 14.03.2012
  • Uzbekistan Youth League 2102 took start yesterday.

    “Bunyodkor” played his opening match against “Mashal” Mubarek and played much more active than the rival did. Filnal score 2:0 to “Bunyodkor” was quite equitable to match progress. “Bunyodkor” youth team, headed by Andrey Pinchukov produced rather good play, which liked to most of fans. 

    “Bunyodkor” took the lead on 38th minute. Emil Kenjisariev made amazing pass and striker Dmitry Khutov easily put the ball into the net. On 63rd minute away team keeper Ganisher Holmurodov couldn’t save after powerful shot by Alibobo Rahmatullaev – 2:0. 

    Uzbekistan Youth League. Match Day 1.
    “BUNYODKOR” – “MASHAL” 2:0
    Referee: Karimov Dilshod (Tashkent) – 7,5
    Inspector: Valitskiy Vyacheslav (Tashkent)
    Goals: Khutov Dmitry 38 (1:0), Rahmatullaev Alibobo 63 (2:0)
    Yellow cards: J.Ikromov 39, N.Karimov 55, S. Djalilov 78 – T.Dadashev 50
    The 14th of March. UFF stadium. Att. 67

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